VR, binaural sound design


Portals to the parallel world as well as binaural soundscape represent the subconscious mind and the conflicting forces that pull the viewer in different directions. As in meditation, the viewer is drifting in the sea of thoughts trying not to judge them.


This experience brings the viewer into a world of escapism and new mysticism. It explores whether the shift to Virtual Reality is a result of the fact that humans have done all they can with the real world and as a result the only way is out is in.


The work has been shown at two exhibitions:


MA Digital Direction: WIP Show at the Royal College of Arts, London, 23 June - 1 July 2018

(         ) SCAPES - Close Encounters with the Contemporary World, 2018 at the Arches, London, 11 April 2018

The Only Way Out Is In - Minna Virkki
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